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Leading Fitness Trainers Platform

GoTrainer is an online platform in Singapore that seeks to enable freelance personal trainers or otherwise, to expand their professional network by connecting with a wider audience.

How We've Helped

GoTrainer, Singapore's leading personal fitness trainers platform in Singapore seeks to digitalize and transform its service-based business into Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

GoTrainer provides a platform for gym enthusiasts to match with a professional personal fitness trainer that adheres to its professional standards. As a commission-based business model, this curation process involves significant hours of work to collate trainers information and verify relevant qualifications and experiences to ascertain suitability to be listed on GoTrainer's platform - all these were done before matching a trainer with a trainee.

In 2020, GoTrainer saw the opportunity to digitalize and automate this process and pivot its business model into a full-fledged personal fitness trainer network that enables gym enthusiasts to search for a suitable trainer themselves - all these without compromising the professional standards and quality of curated trainers that are now done automatically. 

Kryst built a CRM and subscription-based system that allow trainers to upload their profile information, qualifications and experiences for digital verification, before they are sent for a final round of approval to be publicly listed on the platform. This has allowed GoTrainer to categorize and segment various trainers' profiles into defined workouts and preferences, making it easier for trainees to find a suitable personal fitness trainer. 


Automating Business Processes

Through the self-serve registration portal, trainers are able to create their profile within 3 steps, and have their profile verified within an hour. This has significantly increased the productivity and accuracy of information collected, allowing GoTrainer to thrive in bringing greater value to both its network of trainers and seeking trainees.

Professional fitness trainers are also able to showcase their experiences, qualifications and clients' testimonials on their personalized profile page.


Freelance Personal Fitness Trainers in Singapore can now create their professional profiles for free on, with varying price plans and discounts on annual payments. There will be no commission or fees charged for trainees who are matched.

Applied Technology Partners:

Twilio SendGrid, Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare.

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